Friday, February 12, 2010

We're back!

It has been another crazy couple of weeks in our house.  Two weeks ago, I thought (and still suspect) that August was having infantile spasms again, but I could not get a good enough video to show the neurologist because they were so subtle.  I was very upset when I started seeing them, but relieved after talking with his neurologist at Hopkins who said that the irregular brain wave pattern (hypsarrhythmia) almost never comes back and it is probably just a sign that he needs a slower taper off the steroids.  He never went back to that blank stare, which would've demonstrated more of a problem. So he'll be on the steroids through the first week in March, but the spasms are over so life is good....

Other than that we have been snowed in!  Yikes -- it really has been about two weeks since we've really gotten out of the house, which has made everyone a little crazy.  The boys love the snow so at least they could burn off some of that energy outside, but I think we all could use a little bit of time with other people! 

August has been chattering away again, which is such a wonderful sound to hear.  He is almost sitting on his own, which I thought was going to take a long time after the steroids/spasms.  As Valentine's Day approaches, I feel lucky to have all of these sweet boys around me....

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